Designs For Health Mitochondrial NRG 120 Veg Capsules


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Give Your Mitochondria a Boost
Why should you care about the health of your mitochondria?

For one thing – they are like the “power plants” inside cells producing energy for your body. They do this by making ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the fuel your cells run on, and is derived from the air you breath and food you eat.

Designs for Health created the formula for its Mitochondrial NRG to provide you with a blend of nutrients, nutraceuticals and botanicals intended to support mitochondrial metabolism. That includes ingredients like CoQ10, Carnitine, D-ribose and magnesium.

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Supplement to support efficient mitochondrial metabolism
May help reduce fatigue
May improve athletic performance
May reduce soreness after exercise
May improve brain function
Your own health and vitality is directly connected to fully functioning mitochondria as every cell depends on them.

Try Mitochondrial NRG from Designs for Health to keep a healthy energy level and promote an improved well-being.


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