Magnesium Malate, Kirkman


From optimal relaxation to detoxification, get the unique magnesium you need with hypoallergenic Magnesium Malate from Kirkman.

Magnesium Malate provides 200 mg of magnesium from 1000 mg magnesium malate in order to also supply malic acid.

An essential mineral, magnesium is an important component of bones and teeth, an essential element of cellular metabolism and is also an enzyme activator may support relaxation. Maintaining normal magnesium levels also helps to maintain normal and relaxed nerve impulses and muscle contractions, and may provide support for individuals struggling with occasional restlessness.

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The magnesium malate used in this supplement is not only an excellent source of elemental magnesium, but it also supplies the body with malic acid when ingested. Malic acid may have the unique ability to bind with aluminum to form a complex that can be excreted from the body, helping to support detoxification.

For quality assurance, Kirkman’s magnesium comes from the purest of forms and has been tested for heavy metal content as well as other impurities.

Get the magnesium that does more. Order Magnesium Malate from Kirkman.


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