Zinc Picolinate, Kirkman

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The human body requires a wide range of minerals, among other nutrients to maintain optimal health and wellness. Zinc is one of the most important, as it plays a role in over 200 enzymes and provides a number of other health benefits as well, including a healthy immune system boost.

Zinc can be found in foods like fish and shellfish, red meat, oysters, whole grains, and mushrooms, but is also available in supplement forms that can be used every day. Kirkman offers Zinc Picolinate 25mg, a dietary supplement that provides 25mg of zinc in every capsule to help keep you healthy.

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  • Clear, healthier-looking skin
  • Optimal cognitive function
  • Boosted immune system health and function
  • Enzyme regulation

Kirkman’s Zinc Picolinate 25mg is made without the use of sugar, starch, gelatin, yeast, fish, tree nuts, soy, wheat, peanuts, casein, milk, gluten, egg, and corn, and never contains artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors of any kind.


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